Sunday, June 8, 2014

The importance of creating a blog

The importance of creating a blog

Are you chatty? want to document? create a story? or whatever you want to write down. Long ago, it is done in a piece of paper, publish in printing press, put it in the newspaper column. 

Our era nowadays is the INFORMATION AGE. Almost everything is run by computer, and the lives of every people were influenced by this. In any places on the planet, people were stuck with the technology called INTERNET.

People want to get connected. "No man is an island" as it says, also distance is quite a burden. 

If you want to get connected easily, tell a story - a relevant and valueable story. Coz people get attracted to you as they see you provide everything they need. Its a give first then receive principle, as we are designed to get connected. 

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  1. We will look forward to your post. creating a blog is a big thing to do something big!